Quarterly Meeting Information and Materials

Quarterly Meeting Recap – January 25, 2018

Health Equity Brainstorming Responses
  • What does health equity mean to you?
  • What are some examples of the absence of health equity in the area that you work or
    the population you serve?
Advancing Health Equity Questions & Responses
  • How will you/organization/Task Force look differently at program planning and prioritizing in the context of a health equity effort?
  • How will you/organization/Task Force involve the community in your action planning and implementation efforts? How will you get input from a broader representation of the community?
  • What action do you plan to take next for yourself/organization/Task Force?



Other Resources From the Meeting

Efficacy of Patient Navigation in Cancer Treatment: A Systematic Review

Health/Patient Navigator Workforce Development Initiative and Resources 

Quarterly Meeting Recordings

2018 Meeting Recordings

January 25, 2018 Recording

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The April quarterly meeting in collaboration with the Colorado Colorectal Screening program was a great success. If you missed the meeting you can catch up on the Task Force updates here: CCCQuarterlyMeetingUpdates-April2017

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