4 + ways to engage with the CCC

The Colorado Cancer Coalition Steering Committee has prioritized 3 new work groups and 1 revitalized Task Force.

The intention for the groups is that they will form and dissolve as needed and will align with broader efforts across the Coalition and task forces vs. working on one specific cancer type. While there will certainly still be some work done on specific cancer types, we want to use these work groups as a place to create a stronger, united voice with consistent messaging, strong calls to action and less duplication of effort.

Provider Education Work Group (screening & prevention focused)
First priority: Define audience(s) – Primary care, specialty care, others, etc
Potential Strategies: COPIC collaboration, lunch and learns, webinar series, continuing education credit opportunities/partnerships, etc
Policy Work Group
First priority: Convene all Task Force leads to discuss current policy agenda; Determine policy needs of Task Forces
Potential Strategies: Comprehensive Cancer Day at the Capital (during legislative session and/or collaborate with ACS CAN Day at the Capitol), various policy initiatives
General Public Awareness and Education Work Group
First priority: Define overall goal(s)
Second priority: Define target events and target audiences
Potential Strategies: Includes health fairs, Sun Bus collaboration, media relations and general population awareness efforts (awareness months, etc), employer policy education?

If you’d like to join a work group, please contact us with the group(s) you would like to join.

P.S. In 2016 we briefly had a Financial Barriers Task Force. Financial toxicity is a buzz word right now and will continue to be for those affected by cancer. There has been some interest in re-starting this group. If you would be interested in participating in the Financial Barriers Task Force, please let us know. If there are enough people interested, we will bring this Task Force back.

P.P.S. The other Task Forces are still meeting and will continue to do so. If you haven’t joined one yet, you can read all about them here: https://www.coloradocancercoalition.org/task-forces/