Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Task Force

Task Force Mission

The Colorectal Cancer Task Force is the only statewide group in Colorado that allows peer-to-peer engagement, learning and collective action to support colorectal cancer initiatives, throughout the continuum of care.

Colorectal Cancer Task Force Successes

Partnering to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Thank you to the Colorectal Cancer Task Force, American Cancer Society, Catch It In Time, and Surgery Center Fort Collins for hosting a free colorectal cancer screening day for uninsured patients.

Presented to the Colorado Business Group on Health in February 2017 to provide employers with tools and resources for employers who decide to take action to promote 80% screening by 2018.

Hosted a Candlelight Vigil in Denver in March 2017 to honor the progress made towards reducing the burden of colorectal cancer and to recognize all those touched by this devastating disease.

Trust Your Gut Colorado

Visit our additional website Trust Your Gut Colorado to learn more.

Task Force Action Plan

Goal 1: Engage with 4 employers, following the CRC Task Force mini grant application’s detailed Action Plan, to provide education to employees, adopt CRC screening policy and improve screening rates by June 2021.

Goal 2:  Enhance March (public) awareness efforts by holding 4 educational webinars/Task Force presentations, 4 media releases  (op-eds, press releases), partnering with 2 community organizations and sustain the awareness efforts throughout the year, by June 2021.

Goal 3: Improve provider knowledge around CRC screening guidelines and shared decision making – Present at provider conferences, webinars to professional organizations, procure a list of organizations to contact and who has those contacts – who will we target and how – by June 2021.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Member organizations

  • American Cancer Society
  • Anthem
  • Centura Hospitals
  • Colon Cancer Alliance
  • Colorado Colorectal Screening Program
  • Colorado Community Health Network
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Exact Sciences
  • Fight CRC
  • Pfizer
  • UCHealth Family Medicine
  • University of Colorado Cancer Center
  • Xellia

Meeting Information

This Task Force meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 AM. Sign up for updates using the button below, or contact the co-Chairs.

Task Force Meeting Minutes


Sarah Roberts, Co-Chair

Sarah Roberts, Co-Chair

Ian Kahn, Co-Chair

Ian Kahn, Co-Chair

Colorectal Cancer Task Force Current Work

Expanding Membership – Recruiting participants to strengthen the reach of the task force, including survivors, advocates, clinicians, researchers, employers, administrators, public health professionals, industry representatives, and more.
Provider Education – Developing educational tools and resources, including presentations, for various audiences: providers (specialty and primary), public, community, public health. Developing educational messages to engage diverse communities. Present to stakeholder groups about importance of colorectal cancer screening and spread awareness across the state. Support knowledge sharing about physician and practice education/outreach efforts.
Speaker’s Bureau – Coordinating with the Screening Coordinating Committee, identifying expert speakers to cover all cancers (including colorectal cancer) throughout the state. Creating presentation templates and directory of experts for speaker requests throughout the year. 
“Links of Care” Package – Creating a toolkit of information for interested partners to facilitate discussion and set up a system for donated colonoscopies with hospital systems in Colorado.
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Planning – Developing communication plan and task force specific outreach and events for March to promote Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. March 2017 Media can be accessed here.