HPV Vaccination

HPV Vaccination

Task Force

Task Force Mission

The HPV task force is committed to improving HPV vaccination rates and lowering the burden of HPV associated disease and cancer, through collaboration among diverse partners. By bringing together public health professionals, clinicians, academics, community members and others, the task force is identifying areas of overlap, gaps and opportunities to improve HPV vaccination.

An opportunity to engage in a statewide multidisciplinary collaborative to improve systems and disseminate best practices to prevent HPV in Colorado.

Meeting Information

This Task Force meets the first Thursday of the month. Use the button below to sign up for updates or contact the chairs using the buttons to the right.

Co-Chair Information

Jenni Lansing

Co-Chair, HPV Vaccination Task Force

Member Organizations

  • American Cancer Society
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Denver Health
  • Metro Community Provider Network
  • St. Mary’s Cancer Center
  • US Department of Health and Human Service

Task Force Meeting Minutes

Task Force Action Plan

Goal 1: By June 30, 2021, recruit and retain a minimum of three (3) new HPV immunization champions.

Goal 2: By June 30, 2021, host a minimum of one (1) professional development opportunity on strategies for increasing HPV vaccination rates.

Goal 3: By June 30, 2021, support a minimum of two (2) community-based education and awareness events.

HPV Vaccination Task Force Current Work

The HPV task force is currently working to finalize its two year action plan, as well as an environmental scan of HPV activities throughout Colorado.

HPV Vaccination Task Force Successes

More info coming soon….