HPV Resources

National HPV Vaccination Resource Clearinghouse
Most comprehensive HPV vaccination resource site, with tools for patient and provider education, statistics and vaccine information, news and media resources and recent research.

CDC’s ‘HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention’
Includes an explanation of HPV, symptoms and health consequences, the link between HPV and cancer, HPV cancer screening, HPV vaccines and vaccine safety.

CDC’s ‘You Are the Key to Cancer Prevention’
Includes facts about HPV cancers and vaccination, ways to improve HPV vaccination rates, and how to successfully communicate about the HPV vaccine with patients and their parents.

HPV Vaccination Rates by County – Colorado
Includes vaccination rates by county for HPV, MCV4, and Tdap.

The Community Guide’s ‘Increasing Appropriate Vaccination’
Details interventions for increasing appropriate vaccination reviewed by the Community Guide, such as client reminder and recall systems and provider assessment and feedback, among others.

American Academy of Pediatrics ‘HPV Champion Toolkit’
Includes resources to educate other healthcare professionals, discuss HPV vaccination with parents, and make necessary changes in your practice to improve HPV vaccination rates.

The answer to “What Can We Do?”
Details what specific partners can bring to the table.