Celebrating Cancer Survivors & Caregivers

Thank you for joining us for the 2023 Survivors Day Celebration! It was a wonderful event and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. More info to come soon.

Every June, the Coalition commemorates National Cancer Survivors Day®.  For millions of people living with cancer, National Cancer Survivors Day® is a treasured Celebration of Life.   The Colorado Cancer Coalition collaborates with partners across the state for multiple events.

We pause and honor those who are living with histories of cancer for their strength and courage.  We acknowledge the contributions of their families, friends, and healthcare providers, as well as those engaged in cancer research.

Anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life – is a cancer survivor, as defined by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation.

Survivors Day Volunteer Opportunities

The CCC needs volunteer support at the June Survivors Day events as well as other exciting in-person events coming up throughout the month.

Help us by staffing a CCC event table and spread awareness about cancer prevention and survivorship. This year, we have an interactive spin wheel to encourage conversation and bring people to the table.

2018 Survivor Day Presentations