2020 Colorado Cancer Plan Implementation Grants

The Colorado Cancer Coalition is soliciting project proposals that support the 2016-2020 Colorado Cancer Plan. The intent of the Request for Proposals (RFP) is to fund projects help reduce the burden of cancer in Colorado including work that curbs cancer mortality, improves prevention, early detection and quality of life, and addresses disparities in health outcomes. Successful grant applications will incorporate objectives and/or strategies from the 2016-2020 Colorado Cancer Plan.

The Colorado Cancer Fund is a voluntary check-off program on the Colorado State Income Tax Form. The goal of the Colorado Cancer Fund is to help reduce the burden of cancer in Colorado by improving early detection and expanding existing education, screening and quality-of-life services throughout Colorado for populations who are under-resourced. The Colorado Cancer Fund is a program of the Colorado Cancer Coalition (referred to as the Coalition throughout this  document), which serves as the statewide collaborative working to eliminate the burden of cancer in Colorado. Other funding sources, as identified by the Coalition, may also contribute to the grants. Potential grantees will be notified what sources of funding are allocated to their project.

For more background information, visit the following websites:

●        Colorado Cancer Coalition: www.coloradocancercoalition.org

●        Colorado Cancer Fund: https://www.coloradocancercoalition.org/colorado-cancer-fund

This funding opportunity supports projects at different funding levels.

●        Mini Grants are for up to $5000 in the grant period.

●        Small Grants are $10,000-20,000.

Information below describes the types of projects appropriate for each opportunity. Up to 2 (two) Small Grants awarded (minimum of 0 (zero) maximum of 2 (two)). Applicants will have the opportunity to identify whether or not the application is modifiable from a Small Grant to a Mini Grant should the application NOT be chosen for the larger award amount.

Mini-Grant Application (up to $5000)

Infrastructure is already in place.

Partnerships among collaborators are established or currently exist.

Buy-in from target population or existing relationship with target population for the specific project.

Completed in the one year project period.

Small Grant Application ($10,000 – 20,000)

Increased reach, impact and sustainability in comparison to Mini Grant category.

Focus on systems change or community-clinical linkages.

Note:  An extended project period (greater than 1 year) may be requested if justified within the application.

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM Mountain Time on January 12, 2020. Incomplete and/or late materials will not be accepted.