Eliminate the cancer burden in Colorado


To engage, facilitate, expand and strengthen the statewide network dedicated to improving Colorado lives touched by cancer.

Who is the CCC?

We are the statewide, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary, coalition providing education, networking, best practice sharing, and partnership opportunities for those working in oncology care and support. We are committed to providing a neutral space for dialogue from diverse perspectives to further improve cancer outcomes in Colorado. 

In addition, we support the needs of Coloradans to prevent cancer, detect cancer early, and enhance quality of life for survivors and their caregivers by disseminating education, cancer resources, and connecting patients and their caregivers to opportunities to advocate for better cancer outcomes in Colorado. 


Objectives to implement the 2016-2020 Cancer Plan

  • Strengthen and expand the statewide network of cancer stakeholders
  • Promote and implement strategies that aid in the prevention of cancer
  • Enhance and increase screening and early detection of cancer
  • Educate and support efforts for high quality diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including cancer clinical research
  • Promote and strengthen clinical and community approaches to cancer survivorship, including palliative and end-of-life care
  • Eliminate barriers across the continuum of cancer prevention and care

Why Engage with the CCC?

A sampling of what the Colorado Cancer Coalition provides for members:

  • Cancer Education 
    • Cancer Prevention and Risk Reduction
    • Cancer Screening Guidelines
    • Cancer Support 
      • Quality of life programs for patients/caregivers
    • Palliative Care 
    • Caregiver Support
    • Support Groups 
  • Ad hoc Cancer Webinars for your constituents (in person once that’s allowed)
    • Sample webinars have included the following: 
      • Early age onset colorectal cancer
      • Financial toxicity 
  • Employer Resources on cancer screening
  • A policy voice for cancer patients, survivors, and oncology professionals
  • Access to experts in cancer prevention, screening, treatment and survivorship
  • Receive the monthly e-newsletter full of Colorado specific cancer updates
  • Connect with individuals and organizations who share your goal to reduce the burden of cancer for the people in Colorado
  • Attend our Cancer Partner Meetings to meet others in the cancer space in Colorado: