Cancer Coalition in Communities

The Colorado Cancer Coalition has launched a new program Cancer Coalition IN Communities.  By listening to community needs and working with local partners we are creating partnerships to address cancer prevention, early detection, treatment capacity, and survivorship. 

The Colorado Cancer Plan prioritizes increasing access to cancer screening services, including colonoscopy, mammography and low dose lung CT screening, in rural areas by implementing mobile services, traveling providers,  upgraded equipment or increased Medicaid reimbursement. Additionally, it prioritizes partnering with community-based organizations to reduce barriers (financial, cultural, structural or regional) to obtaining cancer screening services.

The Colorado Cancer Coalition in Communities program aims to:

Improve cancer outcomes for rural and frontier communities by working with the community to assess the needs and create a collaborative approach to cancer prevention and early detection. 

Some of the ways we’ll approach this: 

  • Connect the local community with resources, customized data, subject matter experts
  • Planning and implementing campaigns to bring awareness to issues to improve the lives of all Coloradans touched by cancer in the community.