Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Task Force

Task Force Mission

Clinicians and other individuals within the lung cancer care continuum who are interested in using data-driven strategies to improve lung cancer screening (LCS) efforts in the state of Colorado would be ideal candidates for joining the Lung Cancer Task Force. Additionally, those who are interested in developing collaborative relationships, leveraging resources, and expanding reach for (LCS) awareness would be good fits for this Task Force. Finally, the Task Force also appreciates a rich Patient Advocate perspective for expanding LCS within the state and providing more perspective on LCS from the patient lens.

Meeting Information

This Task Force meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Use the button below to sign up for updates or contact the chair using the button to the right.

Task Force Meeting Minutes

Member Organizations

Morgan Mortazavi, Co-Chair

Jim Fenton, MD, Co-Chair

Pulmonologist, Department of Medicine, National Jewish South Denver
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association
  • American Lung Association
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Boulder County
  • Centura Health
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Denver Health
  • Diversified Radiology
  • GASP
  • emPOWERED Decisions
  • Hospital Corporation of America
  • Healthier Colorado International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer
  • Exempla Lutheran Medical Center
  • Kaiser Permanente Colorado
  • Logos Imaging
  • National Jewish Health
  • Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • Rose Medical Center
  • SCL Health
  • Swedish Medical Center
  • Tobacco Free Kids
  • University of Colorado Denver Anschutz
  • VA of Denver
  • Wheeler Advisory Group

Task Force Action Plan

  • Goal 1: By October 2020, hold a virtual event catered to lung cancer screening clinicians, practitioners, and other individuals involved in the screening continuum to increase education and awareness about lung cancer screening needs within the State of Colorado. Use the planning, development, and carrying out of this event to strengthen the Lung Cancer TF presence in the Colorado LCS community. Develop a white paper that can highlight key points of the symposium and further inform LCS practices and policies. 
  • Goal 2: By June 2021, gather annual data refresh of Lung Cancer Screening data from the All Payers Claims Database (APCD). Analyze this data for both short and long-term implications. Use this data and subsequent analysis to inform LCS policy and strategic priorities. 
  • Goal 3: By August 2021, re-engage our relationship with the Colorado State Legislature and Cancer Caucus. Educate the legislature about our goals with lung cancer screening, the importance of consistent access to data collection methods (e.g. CIVHC report), and help ensure that funding mechanisms will be intact for the Task Force’s needs (e.g. HCPF scholarship)

Lung Cancer Awareness Social Media Kit

Lung Cancer Task Force Current Work

Educate patients and health care providers about Lung Cancer Screening CT.

Lung Cancer Task Force Successes

  • Developed statewide Learning Collaborative on Lung Cancer Screening (LCS)
    • Developed an 8-week webinar series on LCS
      • Scheduled to conclude on November 20
      • Over 600+ registrants
      • 200-300 participants from all over the US
  • CIVHC Report — track Lung Cancer Screening in the state
  • Have broadened membership in the Lung Cancer Task Force to include:
    • Primary care providers (PCPs)
    • Thoracic surgeons
    • Additional pulmonologists
  • Prepared and sent comments letter to the USPSTF on new recommendations on LCS

Lung Cancer Support Group Events