Colorado Cancer Fund

Colorado Cancer Fund

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to improve the lives of cancer patients.

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The Colorado Cancer Fund is a voluntary check-off program on the Colorado State Income Tax Form. The goal of the Colorado Cancer Fund is to help reduce the burden of cancer in Colorado by improving early detection and expanding existing education, screening and quality of life services throughout Colorado for populations who are currently underserved.

The Fund was developed by advocates who are passionate about preventing uninsured and underinsured people from falling through the cracks in the social safety net. The Colorado Cancer Fund evolved from the former Breast and Women’s Reproductive Cancers Fund.

The Colorado Cancer Fund addresses the significant screening and survivorship needs for Coloradans impacted by cancer. The intention of the Colorado Cancer Fund is to complement, not duplicate, current services.

The Colorado Cancer Fund revenues are distributed via a competitive grants program.

How do you donate to the Colorado Cancer Fund?

Complete form DR 0104CH Voluntary Contributions Schedule to contribute on line 15, which is the Colorado Cancer Fund.

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2016 Colorado Cancer Fund Grantees

Cervical Cancer Screening Project

The Cervical Cancer Screening project is funded through Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ Steamboat Springs and Glenwood Springs Health Centers: To ensure that at least 15 women whose clinical results indicate the need for a colposcopy can receive this cervical cancer screening procedure at low or no cost.  These women will have considerable healthcare needs and few financial resources.

Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

To educate survivors of ovarian cancer on the hereditary risks in ovarian cancer, to increase the numbers of women who are survivors of ovarian cancer getting genetic counseling and testing, and to prevent ovarian cancer in blood relatives of women who test positive for hereditary ovarian cancer.

Project Cannabis for Cancer Patient Education and Support

This grant seeks to provide free medical cannabis education to Colorado cancer nonprofits and organizations listed in the Colorado Cancer Resources Directory to empower cancer patients to make an educated decision on whether cannabis treatment is right for them.

LifeSpark Cancer Resources

They will partner ten low-income patients with LifeSpark providers for one-hour sessions weekly for twelve weeks.

Live By Living

This project will fund two weekend retreats for cancer survivors and their caregivers. Participants hike to one of two remote cabins high in the central Rockies, and spend two nights relaxing, and developing insights that help in the transition to finding a “new normal”.

Molecular Signatures of Radiation Response in Human-derived Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines

Proposed by the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. The researchers suggest that their proposed study could help to understand the unique molecular characteristics of these patients’ individual tumors and yield meaningful information that could rapidly translate into improved outcomes.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance (RMCA)

Funding of this organization will provide assistance to ten individuals seeking assistance from RMCA over the next year, offering relief from their household expenses during treatment.

San Luis Valley Health

Lutheran Hospital Association of the San Luis Valley, dba San Luis Valley Health: Their proposal seeks to send two staff members to training sponsored by the National Cancer Institute in New York City, to lead to the development of survivorship services in the south, central rural region of Colorado.

Epic Experience

To provide nutritious food for campers at the Colorado Resident camps, a week-long adventure camp for adult cancer survivors.

Sense of Security

This grant will provide seed money to help in their efforts to create a financial management education seminar for cancer patients

Project Angel Heart

They serve 45,230 medically-tailored home-delivered meals, free of charge, to 400 food insecure metropolitan Denver residents living with cancer.  All of the grant money will good toward food, packaging and distribution.