Bridging the Biomarker Gaps

What is Comprehensive Biomarker Testing?

Comprehensive Biomarker Testing includes the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies which can detect many genomic alterations in a single test in order to potentially provide more accurate diagnosis and therapy guidance to your doctors.

Who should get biomarker testing? Biomarker testing is for anyone who has cancer.

When should you get biomarker testing? Ask your doctor before treatment begins if biomarker testing is right for you.

Where can you get biomarker testing? Ask you doctor about biomarker testing.

Help Inform Goal 6.4 of the Colorado Cancer Plan

OBJECTIVE 6.4: Increase testing among individuals whose cancer treatment may benefit from targeted proven or emerging therapies.

As more targeted therapies become available for people with cancer, biomarker testing is quickly emerging as the standard of care: more than half of the cancer treatments released in the past five years required or recommended biomarker testing. To move the needle on adoption of this important tool in Colorado, we need your insights on the system-wide barriers that stand in the way of greater use of biomarker testing.

Priorities in the Cancer Plan Related to Treatment

Increasing access to targeted and emerging therapies is prioritized in the 2021-2025 Colorado Cancer Plan. Information submitted in the survey above will help guide our work as a state to ensure more Coloradans can access the best personalized treatment for their cancer.

See the full 2021-2025 Cancer Plan.

How can you help increase consistent access to quality diagnostics and cancer treatment services in Colorado?

Join our newly formed Clinical Trials and Treatment Task Force. More information coming soon on how you can collaborate and help ensure Coloradans find the best diagnostic and treatment options when they need them.

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