Cancer Plan Public Comment

Instructions for Reviewing

The proposed Goals and Strategies for the 2021-2025 Cancer Plan are linked on the right. Please review them and use this link to submit your feedback. Let us know the following:

  • Is there anything major that is missing from the plan? 
  • Is there an evidence based strategy we haven’t included that should be highlighted in the plan? 
    • Remember that the strategies included in the Cancer Plan are NOT meant to be all-inclusive, but should include key evidence-based or emerging/promising strategies that can be done to help reach the goal and objective.  
    • Members of the community may be working on strategies that aren’t listed and that is ok – it would be virtually impossible to include every single strategy.

To submit your feedback, please fill in this form by Wednesday, March 31st: 

  • Please be as specific as possible in your comments and feedback. 
  • The Cancer Plan Revision Committee will review all comments and feedback after public comment closes and provide a summary of responses and action steps taken.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your input!

The Cancer Plan Revision Committee

Provide Public Comment(s)

Step 1: Review the Draft

Step 2: Refer back to the 2016-2020 version if needed.

Step 3: Submit your Public Comments. Comments are due by March 31, 2021

Change Summary

What has been changed so far?

  • In an effort to track the Cancer Plan progress over time, most of the goals and strategies have stayed consistent between the last Cancer Plan and the proposed current version. 
  • Goals 1-7 have stayed mostly the same with minor word changes and strategy additions.
  • Survivorship and Quality of Life was consolidated into one Goal 8. 
  • Patient engagement and health literacy was renumbered to Goal 9. 

First round reviewers included Colorado Cancer Coalition task forces and subject matter experts.  They were asked to review the 2016-2020 Cancer Plan with the following guidance, questions to consider, and reminders:

  1. When considering any revisions that need to be made, remember that the emphasis should be on looking for significant gaps and not a full rewrite.
  2. When reviewing the GOALS AND OBJECTIVES:
    • Do the overarching goals and objectives in the Cancer Plan capture the work that needs to be done from a high-level standpoint?  
  3. When reviewing the STRATEGIES:
    • Strategies included in the Cancer Plan are NOT meant to be all-inclusive.  
    • Consider the strategies that are included as key examples of how to accomplish the overarching objectives and goals, but they may not contain every possible strategy or activity.  
    • Are the current strategies listed still appropriate and timely?
    • What key strategies are missing? What is duplicative? What could be combined?
    • Consider the evidence behind a strategy – how do we know if it works?
      • The Community Guide is a great resource to see the evidence behind suggested interventions or strategies
      • If you are suggesting that we add a strategy that isn’t “evidence-based” but is considered emerging or promising, please note this in your recommendation.