Family History and Inherited Cancers Task Force

Inherited Cancers

Family History &

Task Force

Task Force Mission

This is a new Task Force of the Colorado Cancer Coalition. This Task Force will focus on projects related to increasing and improving the use of family history to improve cancer outcomes. The Breast Cancer Task Force and Ovarian Cancer Task Force have joined this Task Force to work together.

Meeting Information

This Task Force meets the 3rd Thursday of the month. Use the button below to sign up for updates or contact the Chair using the button to the right.

Task Force Meeting Minutes

Chair Information

Amy Bayer

Senior Manager, Prevention &Chronic Care Solutions Complete Health Solutions Kaiser Permanente

Emily Fields

Cancer Genomics Coordinator, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Member Organizations

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Task Force Action Plan

The Task Force created a 2 year Action Plan in May 2016.

Family History Task Force Current Work

  • Resources and Risk tools review to decide which ones to link on the CCC Website and the Genomics website
  • Review the Colorado Cancer Genetics Alliance Website before it launches to provide input
  • Review the CU Survey results of family physicians to guide development of materials for them

Family History Task Force Successes

Info coming soon….

Upcoming Family History Events