We Must Fight For More – Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Press Conference

“It was an honor to host a Press Conference today with support from our key legislators: Rep Perry Will, Senator Janet Buckner, Rep. Shannon Bird and Senator Kevin Priola to celebrate our key wins and discuss the need for future directions in colorectal cancer.  In the last 3 years, as the Colorado Cancer Coalition we have worked hard to educate and provide perspective about policy directions, testify and carry the message about the value and need prevention of colorectal cancer.  We are only into the first week of March and the energy is palpable!  I was delighted that Ms. Jelena Tomkins, Megan Palato and Chris Macklin were able to join us to share their stories of colorectal cancer diagnosis, awareness, reducing stigma and carrying on the memories of amazing people, such as Megan’s husband Tony, who was a part of the South Metro Fire Department.  I was delighted that over 30 people joined us in person and over 80 joined via livestream.  Special thanks to Catch It In Time for their ongoing support of communicating out the valuable messages.  Watch the live footage and the recorded session at the bottom of this post .  I also invite you all to attend the Colorado Cancer Screening Program’s (CCSP) Annual Meeting 2022 – State of the State: Colorectal, Lung, Genetic and Hereditary Cancer; March 29, 12-1:30pm as we wrap up March. ”

Andi Dwyer, CCC Past Chair